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Rep. Vern Buchanan for Governor?

Some are beginning to wonder if there is more behind his fundraising efforts than a trip back to Washington, DC?

The Vern Buchanan campaign says it will report raising $500,000 in the first quarter and have $523,000 on hand.

“Vern’s message of lower taxes, less spending and changing Washington is resonating with the voters of the 13th District,” said spokesman Joe Gruters. “People recognize that Vern is a businessman, not a career politician, who has created jobs, met payrolls and balanced budgets. And in this time of economic uncertainty, Vern’s background and experience is exactly what’s needed to help turn our state and country around.”  

What could he do with that federal money? Well, he couldn’t transfer to a state account, but he could transfer it to the state party, which can pay for a lot of campaign expenses.Or he could transfer it to some other committee to promote his candidacy.


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