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Musings on Mullaney

How embarrassing for Rick Mullaney and the City’s Office of General Counsel. 

According to JaxDailyRecord.com:

 At Monday’s Rotary Club of Jacksonville meeting, Peyton said if the City went to court with Waste Management over the Trail Ridge Landfill contract, “We don’t have lawyers good enough (to handle the case) in the Office of General Counsel […].

Now that the Mayor has officially emasculated Mullaney and his staff, are Mullaney’s days as the City’s General Counsel numbered or will he just continue to limp along in the office?  You especially have to wonder how effective a General Counsel can continue to be when his own client (and boss), the Mayor, ridicules him and his staff in front of the Rotary Club of Jacksonville as being unable to defend a contract issue such as the one in dispute with Waste Management.


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