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Crist’s Support Sagging Among Republicans

Charlie Crist’s likely run for a Senate could quite possibly turn out to be more difficult than he had imagined a few months ago.  Instead of clearing the field for the Governor as many had expected, Marco Rubio now says that he is open to challenging Crist in a GOP Primary for the Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez.  A new Mason Dixon poll shows that Rubio may not be as crazy as some may think.  According to the poll, which was released just last week, only 23% of Republicans say that they will “definitely” vote for Crist in a GOP Senate primary.  (On the other hand, 66% say they would definitely vote for Bill McCollum in a GOP Gubernatorial primary.)

Crist has maintained relatively high approval ratings in spite of the battering Florida’s economy has taken.  A GOP primary, however, is bound to be dominated by conservatives unhappy with Crist’s embrace of Obama’s stimulus plan and avoidance of controversial issues.


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