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Waste Management Has Money To Burn

Thursday night, Jacksonville viewers of the FOX hit show “American Idol” were treated to a new ad from a rather mysterious group.  The ad, which was described to me as “a redneck sitting at a fire burning money” is sponsored by a group called “Honorthecontact.com” and points viewers to a website of that same name.  The ad addresses the City’s ongoing controversy with Waste Management and the Trail Ridge Landfill.  Interestingly enough, however, there is no group called “honorthecontract.com” that is registered with the Florida Secretary of State as of April 3, 2009.  

While the website does not identify who is behind it or the expensive ad that aired on one of the nation’s most-watched television programs, it does include a link to another website called “KeepTrailRidge.com.”  Although “KeepTrailRidge.com” is also not registered with the Florida Secretary of State and does not have a Fictitious Name Filing, it does include the Waste Management logo at the bottom of the page, leaving no doubt as to where its funding must be coming from.

Waste Management must be the entity with money to burn—an “American Idol” ad purchase is not cheap.

Funny that Waste Management should express so much concern over keeping one’s word—it doesn’t look like they are keen on practicing what they preach judging by this story.


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