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Lawmakers Considering Changes to Bright Futures Scholarships

With Florida suffering through tough economic times, one of the casualties may be the State’s Bright Futures Scholarships.  Some of the proposals being considered by the Legislature:

Letting more state universities levy a tuition increase that is not covered by Bright Futures. Lawmakers began this move in 2007 for five state universities, with a proposal this year to expand it to all 11.

Cracking down on scholarship students who drop classes funded by Bright Futures. Lawmakers are moving a measure that would force university and community college students to pay back their costs if they drop courses late in the semester. It could save the state $30 million a year.

Creating higher qualification standards for the program. Students now need only a 3.0 grade point average and a 970 SAT score to qualify for a Bright Futures scholarship that pays 75 percent of their tuition costs.

Awarding Bright Futures based on the income levels of students and their families. Currently, income is not a factor.

Setting a cap on the scholarship amount. The scholarships now pay 75 percent or more of tuition and fees, excluding the “differential” tuition allowed for five universities. [HeraldTribune.com]

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