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Atlanta Sports Columnist Downplays Move of FL-GA Game

Perhaps it will be the lure of golf on St. Simon’s Island that keeps the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville

Given the way the rivalry has turned against their team, you might guess Georgia fans would be ripe for any break in the routine. You’d be wrong. The trek to Jacksonville has become such a part of the UGA experience that the school schedules no classes the Friday before the given Saturday. A day trip to Fulton County wouldn’t quite match the experience of a three- or four-day fall break (with golf at St. Simons, long a Bulldog stronghold, included).

Sixteen times since 1989, the hated Gators have marred a Georgia season. That said, Bulldog backers will give up their autumnal sojourn only when somebody pries a 7-iron from their cold dead fingers. As much as those folks want their team to win, they want their R&R even more.


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