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Crist Endorses Gambling

In a move certain to further complicate his position within the Republican Party (as if endorsing Barack Obama’s stimulus plan wasn’t enough), Charlie Crist has bucked the Christian Coalition and endorsed gambling.  Gambling, and the “expansion of gaming” were two things that Crist continually stated his opposition to during his 2006 campaign for Governor—a position that was crucial in a religious conservative-dominated primary.

Those campaign promises have now been thrown out the window.

“You know we’ve had probably the most profound economic change since the Great Depression. We have to adapt and we have to adjust and we have to be open-minded in order to get through this. And that’s what has changed.”

In the Governor’s eyes, convictions aren’t convictions unless they can be tossed aside.  The question is…Will religious conservatives in the Governor’s own party see it that way?


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