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Florida Prepaid College Tuition Founder Fights Tuition Increase

While perusing Tallahassee.com for political news, I noticed a flashing ad.  Now I normally don’t pay attention to these, but this one got the better of my curiosity.

So I closed my eyes, grimaced, and clicked.  As it turns out, Stanley Tate, the founder of Florida’s Prepaid College Tuition program, is fighting the Legislature over proposed college tuition increases. 

We first reported on Mr. Tate back in February during his fight with the Governor over a proposal to “borrow” College Prepaid Funds to cover the hole in Florida’s budget.  Now the 80-year-old is taking on the Legislature and their proposals to increase college tuition.  According to an open letter to legislators from Mr. Tate, the legislative proposals being considered would increase college tuition by 15% each year – meaning tuition would double within the next 5 years. 

You can sign a petition to legislators here at Mr. Tate’s website.   But time is of the essence – the House proposal sailed through committee yesterday and is headed to the House floor according to this story in today’s TU.


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