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Duval GOP Tries To Shake Religious Image

Admittedly, this is probably not what GOP Chairman Michael Steele had in mind when he talked about creating a more “hip-hop” Republican image, but the Republican Party of Duval County certainly appears to be trying to change their image.  The Duval GOP, long considered the “home base” of religious conservatives in the state, is promoting “non traditional” Republicans in an effort to garner youth voters at the Supervisor of Elections Countywide Voter Registration drive that will be held at high schools, colleges and universities.  

Some of the “cool” Republicans listed are sure to raise some eyebrows.  One can hardly imagine the joy of a mother who learns her daughter has registered as a Republican “because Brittney Spears is, y’all!”  But, the individual most likely to raise eyebrows is the touting of Marilyn Manson.  Yes, Marilyn Manson of “Antichrist Superstar” fame.  That would be the same Marilyn Manson who took the name “Manson” in honor of the notorious Charles Manson.  The one that has read from the Book of Satan and held altar calls for Satan at his concerts.  

It’s certainly a new image for the Republican Party of Duval County.  Who knows what success it will have in bringing new members into the party, although one does wonder if its existing members will feel abandoned at the altar, so to speak?

(Hat Tip:  Flog)  See the ad in its entirety here.  (Marilyn Manson image used courtesy of seatwave.)


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  1. […] UPDATE:  It appears that my lame attempt at humor appears to have struck a chord.  I have been informed that the Karl Rove event has been “postponed” until further notice.  No word on his replacement, but I hear that Marilyn Manson might be open. […]

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