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Indy Newspaper Takes Swipe at John Clark

Another Indianapolis newspaper has published a rather critical story on former JIA Executive Director John Clark.  

Airport Chief Executive John D. Clark III earned a reputation in Jacksonville, Fla., for being an anti-union spendthrift, cutting jobs while treating himself lavishly as he traveled the world.

He made separate business trips to Paris, London, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Cairo — four continents, all paid for by the airport and all within one year.

He once authorized $10,000 for a limousine in Paris for an airport board member and a lawyer, and ended up apologizing for it.

All of that on top of a $241,500 salary as Jacksonville airport chief executive officer, plus a car allowance and a private club membership.

But if such spending raised eyebrows in Jacksonville, airport officials in Indianapolis figure it comes with the job. They are poised to open up their wallets and formally name Clark the next executive director and CEO of Indianapolis International Airport at Friday’s Indianapolis Airport Authority Board meeting.

The full story can be found here.

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