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Oklahoma Senator Wipes out St. Augustine Earmarks

More proof that not all earmarks are bad.  Jamestown, Virginia spent an estimated $200 million in celebrating its 400th anniversary, yet St. Augustine, Florida can’t get a measly $3.5 million for its 450th anniversary.

A giant bill stalled in the Senate is about to get moving — after an Oklahoma Republican got an opportunity to wipe out provisions he considers “frivolous” — including $3.5 million to celebrate St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary in 2015.

“None of the individual earmarks in the bill were subject to public hearings nor would many Americans describe earmarks like a $3.5 million birthday bash for St. Augustine, Florida a legitimate public purpose,” said Sen. Tom Coburn.


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  1. RoughRider says:

    The Senator from Oklahoma is entirely correct. That 3.5 million dollars is not needed by St. Augustine. St. Augustine generates for more than that anually in tourism dollars. A birthday celebration in and of itself will generate more money for them.

  2. Sparkley says:

    Funny the Nation’s oldest city slighted by some clown who probably went to government schools.

    Learn some US History Senator!

  3. Jim in St. Johns says:

    Finally, someone in Washington wants to cut earmarks from a bill and we get a local newspaper “hue and cry”. ‘

    I wish I could get Federal money to celebrate my 60th birthday that is coming up in a few years.

    Our political “leadership” in North Florida is pathetic. Devoid of any real useful ideas and unable to muster the moral courage to truly cut wasteful funding the politicians here stand by the road like a whore waiting on our tax dollars as a handout so they can continue to spend money on frivilous activities liek a drunken sailor.


  4. Vike says:

    We drunken sailors resent being compared with any politician. We are much better than that, thank you very much.

  5. The Sarge says:

    Oklahoma?! Oklahoma?!
    Don’t you know only 2 things come from Oklahoma?
    and I don’t see any horns on Senator Coburn

  6. I agree with the Okie says:

    This is not an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars. St. Aug can find private sponsors.

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