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Mayor Says Jacksonville In Alcoholic Stupor

What the heck does this statement mean?

Mayor John Peyton said he is not enthusiastic about the stimulus package and doubts its ability to stimulate the economy.

“Our taking part of it is like giving an alcoholic whiskey,” said Peyton, speaking at the 2009 Jaxport Logistics & Intermodal Conference.

Peyton said Jacksonville would still try to take advantage of the money available despite his concerns about the spending increasing federal debt.

By that statement, I’m guessing the Mayor is calling Jacksonville an alcoholic?  I guess he’s also admitting that he is a willing enabler?  After all, hasn’t he already held a press conference touting the benefits of the stimulus and has another one scheduled with Rep. Brown?  Does that make the Mayor and Congresswoman Brown the irresponsible bartenders that continue to liquor us up? “Hold the fiscal responsibility and pass the Wild Turkey?”

Pardon me for being quite confused here.  It almost sounds like the Mayor is speaking out of both sides of his mouth in regards to the stimulus, but certainly he would never do something like that?

Where is Susie Wiles to spin a statement when you need her?

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  1. peanut says:

    Don’t leave out John Mica, who is one of the worse offenders. He is bragging about bringing more money to “save” the beaches. I especially love the tunnel in downtown St. Augustine he put in the Federal budget a couple of years ago. Read his recent press releases. And the newspapers don’t bother to report whether he voted against the budget that he is bragging about and criticizing at the same time.

  2. W.R.Meares says:

    If you think that the Mayor called Jacksonville an alcoholic ,you need a lesson in reading and understanding. He stated that this stimulus was like giving an alcoholic whiskey. That is called a comparison. What has happened to eduacating people with the knowledge they will need to exist in this world today? If you don’t know the difference between a statement and a comparison then please keep your mouth shut. I don’t always agree with Mayor Peyton on issues but I know he would not accuse Jacksonville of being an alcoholic. People like you are what keeps the turmoil in this country going.

  3. mw says:

    Come on, guys. Your blog is way too awesome, and its content too substantive, to engage in the misleading Drudge Report-esque sensationalist hype that frames this post and its immediate predecessor (‘Florida: Land of the “Preposterous and Un-American” according to the Local FOP’).

    Both of these articles have really interesting policy-related stories behind them, and those stories do not involve easily misrepresented lazy metaphors or the ugliness of hostile nationalism.

    Other than that tiny complaint, however, it’s a delight to see articles from this blog in my feed every day. Please keep up the great work.

  4. shotout says:

    Hello, W R Meares, It was a statement he made that compared Jacksonville, ie “Our” taking part of it, is like giving an Alcoholic Whiskey, since he is going to take the money. It also showed that he is also talking out both sides of his, er, mouth. “eduacating”???

  5. why says:

    while he is right… when you are the alcoholic you sure don’t want to quit

  6. abelharding says:

    Lol. Have a sense of humor guys. It was a funny quote meant to point out that he was doing what so many others are doing—trashing the stimulus to one group of constituents while standing in line for the money he’s already been allocated and trying to figure out ways to get more. The post was printed to poke a little lighthearted fun at what appears to be a slightly hypocritical statement, particularly in light of the fact the Mayor’s office was, at the same time, touting a press conference with the Congresswoman to strategize how to get even more of the stimulus.

    Whatever happened to our sense of humor?

  7. mtraininjax says:

    Was Corrine not available to speak? Someone give him the hook and get him off the stage.

  8. i am getting 14 million. No wait. 14 billion dollars worth of whisky and I’m going to get the entire state fccked up on prosperity. Share some fccking whiskey John. You don’t need all the fccking whiskey. Cronieism is for pu$$i3z. Don’t mess with me with this” We don’t want your whiskey. Give me a ton road whiskey!” The car base power structure is heading the same way as car sales. Dump it. Go rail. Get some real helping people whiskey. Cars and whiskey don’t mix! Oh Jesus Nevermind.

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