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New GOP Group to rival Executive Committee

The Republican Party of Duval County is taking steps to form a “Leadership Council” which appears as if it will operate independently of the Executive Committee.  While Executive Committee members are elected, and thus more representative of the party’s base in the City, the members of the “Leadership Council” will be selected.  The “Leadership Council”, according to its creators, will be “comprised of a select group of influential Republicans that will be responsible for helping to chart [the local party’s] course forward.”  Just who will select those individuals seems to be a mystery at this point, but it is assumed that the party chair will have some say in the process.

It is rather ironic that the Republican Party has been rather vocal in the past few weeks in opposing any elimination of the “secret ballot” in regards to workers choosing whether or not they would be represented by a union, yet locally, the GOP is making moves to move part of the leadership’s function to a selected (not elected) group.


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