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Mayor Peyton Spams Again

It’s happened again with a slightly different angle this time.  The last time we wrote about the Mayor spamming Jacksonville’s citizens it was in regards to trying to sell the public on his plan to award a $750 million no-bid contract to a company represented by a political supporter.  He’s at it again.  It’s not about trash this time, but the Mayor seems to really have wanted to promote his upcoming news conference with Rep. Corrine Brown (she of the “Go Gator” and “Corch Meyer” fame).  According to First Coast News, the Mayor’s latest e-mail forced a local company to shut down their servers.

“We had to shut our servers off just so we could get the email thing solved and then we could get back on line again.”

The city says a communication glitch caused the problem. And that meant a few people received a couple of extra reminders. Thompson got several hundred.

In all, Bill Thompson says he received over 700 e-mails from the Mayor.


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