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Florida’s Insurance Regulator Finalist for Award

Kevin McCarty, Florida’s first appointed Insurance Commissioner, is a finalist for the Lexis Nexis Insurance Law Center 2008 Person of the Year Award.  McCarty was nominated in the Insurance Regulator of the Year category which covers the international, federal, state, or local regulator who had most impact during 2008.

Here’s a sample from the supporting remarks for McCarty’s nomination for Insurance Regulator of the Year:

Kevin McCarty has been at the forefront of the industry, working tirelessly through the complex issues facing Floridians ravaged by catastrophic loss. This is a commissioner with the confidence to speak his mind who has the knowledge and savvy that are required to work through the difficult task of balancing the competing interests of the industry he regulates and the consumers he serves.

The Board anticipates making its final selections for the Insurance Law Center’s Person of the Year and announcing the honorees on March 20.


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