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What Were They Thinking?

From the TU’s Rants and Raves:

So some genius at the St. Johns Water Management District decided I can only water my yard on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This might come as a shock to the out-of-touch bureaucrats who came up with this, but some of us work during the week and have to mow on Saturdays. If the grass is wet, we can’t mow. Watering in the evening, after the yard is mowed, is out because gardening experts say that can promote lawn disease. I know the overpaid paper-shufflers at the district probably all have yard services, so this never occurred to them.

I don’t know whether or not the “overpaid paper-shufflers at the district” actually have yard services, but I do have to agree with the rest of the rant.  What a boneheaded idea to require that you water your yard on the weekend.  That’s the only time most of us regular folks have to work in the yard.


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