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Pace Island: No Gators Allowed

It’s not really political, but who could resist this story from First Coast News?

Driving down the street, you might miss the Gator statue at the center of the fuss. But there it is, tucked away in a garden, with two children riding on its back.

Fred Guyer first got a letter that this statue violated Pace Island’s rules a year ago, and has fought the decision ever since.

“It is upsetting to have your taste questioned, and to be threatened in a place where you want to have a long happy life,” Guyer told First Coast News’ Erich Spivey.

And when the Gators win big, Guyer decorates the statue with pom-poms. That’s when it crossed the line, says Pace Island President Alan Williams.

He points to a rule stating that the “Architectural Design Board has the sole discretion to determine whether plans submitted for approval are acceptable.”

Williams says the statue sends the wrong message to kids: it’s OK to play with alligators.


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