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Friday the 13th: A Bad Omen for Florida’s Budget?

From the St. Pete Times:

Fear of Friday the 13th takes a new turn today at the Capitol, when new economic forecasts will show Florida’s budget crater has deepened.

Early estimates suggest economists will say the state has $800 million less than expected for this budget year. For the next, which starts July 1, the drop could be $2 billion.

The shortfalls are more than what Gov. Charlie Crist planned to cover in his proposed budget. Lawmakers have begun making unusual warnings, demanding agency heads to prepare to cut 10 to even 20 percent more from their spending proposals.

“Bloody,” Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, called it.

Meanwhile, in la-la land:

“I would caution they’re only estimates,” [Gov.] Crist said. “I’m also aware we’re in line to get about $13 billion from the federal government from the stimulus package. So I think we should be in pretty darn good shape, especially if the (Seminole gambling) compact is passed.”


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