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Impassioned Plea from a High School Student

There’s not much to add to this letter, other than to point out the obvious—perhaps this 11th grader might be able to do a better job of managing the state’s priorities than the Legislature.


Just in case state lawmakers didn’t see the warning signs surrounding their education budget (see: $5 billion general revenue shortfall; $1.1 billion drop-off in school-related property taxes; $2.4 billion in K-12 stimulus money in jeopardy), a Coral Reef Senior High student paints a pretty vivid picture for them.

In an impassioned hand-written letter to House K-12 Appropriations Chairwoman Anitere Flores, R-Miami, the female student implores the legislature to avoid cuts to education spending, saying that school closings will leave the state’s youth with nothing to do but “go to the mall, movies and bowling.”

And you know those activities can only hold a teenager’s attention for so long.

[They’re] going to get bored after a while. They’re going to allow other things to occur, you want to know what kids would do, have sex.

In addition to a rise in teen pregnancy, the student also makes the connection between strong schools and people moving out of Florida and the difficulty of getting into college without a diploma. 


The letter is posted below…(or can be found here.)


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