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Citizens, but not Businesses, Required to Conserve Water

It seems the St. Johns River Water Management District is a little two-faced lately.

The District recently adopted new rules that will require citizens to carefully watch when and how they water their lawns. That conservation could be critical to avoiding the shortages of ground water forecasted as the region grows during the next 20 years – at least according to the District.

However, according to an Orlando Sentinel editorial today, when it comes to protecting Florida’s ground water, the District’s preference for permitting new businesses to use Florida’s ground water supply wins out over conservation.

Despite the District’s own warnings that Central Florida’s ground water supply can’t accomodate new withdrawals past 2013, and the District encouraging water withdrawals from the St. Johns River (an idea unpopular with many),  District staff have readily agreed to give Niagara Bottling Company a 5-year permit to withdraw 500,000 gallons a day from Central Florida’s ground water supply so Niagara can bottle the water and sell it. 

The District’s two-facedness on the issue of ground water conservation makes it seem all the more pointless for citizens to use less water, when the District is still giving thousands upon millions of gallons of ground water away – 912,500,000 gallons to be exact – to Niagara Bottling Company for free.


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