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A 1980’s Mayor

No-bid contracts may be reminiscent of certain previous Jacksonville Mayors, but John Peyton is taking hits for not entering the digital age, at least in his published accessibility to the public.  While the Governor of Florida (and Lt. Governor) publish contact information on their website, John Peyton publishes no contact information on the Mayor’s page of coj.net.  When a visitor clicks on “Contact Us” at the top of the page and then selects the Mayor’s Office, it simply takes them back to the Mayor’s page—with no available e-mail address.  It’s something that’s been brought up before, but this particular e-mail was rather interesting.

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This Business Week article was splashed on AOL today : http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/02/0226_miserable_cities/1.htm

Jacksonville ranks in the top ten unhappiest cities.  This cannot be good for the city to continue to be seen in such a negative light nationally.
We are currently considering relocating our business from Chicago to Jacksonville, but this is not encouraging for an employee retention perspective.

Also, why is there no readily search able email address for the mayor?  Is he that isolated from the public that he is cannot answer mail from his constituents?



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