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Bush or Obama?

While this isn’t exactly Jacksonville (or Florida) politics, it does come from Scott Maxwell—one of my favorite Florida political columnists.  I found it rather amusing (and true).

One of the fascinating things about a change in administrations is the blatant hypocrisies it reveals — on both sides of the aisle.

My in-box is full of complaints from Republicans whining about things Barack Obama is doing (whichGeorge W. Bush also did) ,… and also some from Democrats defending Obama for the kind of things they used to hate with Bush.

The folks I really respect are the ones who, sure have their own ideology, but are at least open-minded enough to realize that neither party is without fault … by a longshot.

So, before you start bellyaching (or repeating the bellyaching your hear on the radio) — and with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy:

You might be a blind partisan …

* … if you often bad-mouth Barack Obama — even though you used to tell people it was “unpatriotic” to criticize the commander in chief during a time of war.

* … if you’re mocking Nancy Pelosi for repeatedly leading standing ovations for Obama — but always thought Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert doing the same thing for George W. Bush was simply a matter of showing support and respect.

* … if you’re a Democrat who complained about Bush nominating people for his Cabinet who had skeletons in their closet or represented the same old above-the-law mentality — but thought Timothy Geithner got a really raw deal from people who tried to make a big deal out of his “minor tax issues.”

* … if you are griping about Barack Obama flying to places on Air Force One that you consider a waste of taxpayer money — but never really thought too much about it when Bush took frequent trips to Crawford (where he took his record 879th vacation day last year).

* … if you’re a Republican all the sudden worried about deficit spending — or a Democrat who no longer is.


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  1. John Gault says:

    Even this a slanted to the left…

  2. why says:

    if voting changed anything they would make it illegal

  3. Ayn Rand says:

    Dear John, I have a feeling you look at everything through right-colored lenses. Poor soul. Have a sense of humor.

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