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The Real Reason Brad Thoburn is leaving the City?

He was unable to speak his mind.

From: Michael Saylor [mailto:michaeljsaylor@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 11:02 AM
To: Holt, Ray
Subject: heads up

Hi Ray,

After persistent calls to issue a public comment on the Mayport Cruise terminal, I wrote the attached guest editorial and have discussed it with Mike Clark. He’s going to run it. It contains opinions that are contradictory to your article of ten or so days ago. I just want you to know that its coming.

I am not taking issue with your personal views. Like everyone in District 11, I appreciate the hard work you put in and know you lead with both your head and your heart.  I am just reading the Comp Plan language and Zoning Code as I would if I were still Director. Frankly, I’m disappointed that Brad Thoburn has been handcuffed so frequently this past year. It has been a disservice to the community to have a Director of Planning who cannot give his real opinion, and I am certain his position would mirror mine.


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  1. TurnerMidfield says:

    That is so sad! It’s too bad he couldn’t allow his voice to be heard.

  2. Michael Saylor says:

    I seriously doubt Brad is leaving for the situation I cited in my e-mail to CM Holt. Brad, like every Director before him, was sometimes “handcuffed” by a Comprehensive Plan that is too vague; a cumbersome zoning code that requires frequent legal interpretation from his lawyers; and yes, by neighborhood, appointive and elected politics. None of that should come as a surprise to anyone who ever took a civics class. It all comes with the job.

  3. mtraininjax says:

    I spoke with Brad before he officially took his position with the DOT. He was excited about it more so than I have ever seen him in any position. He is able to take the knowledge he had with the planning position and use it with the DOT in its efforts around the state. People forget he used to be the City liaison with Tallahassee for many years under Delaney. He excelled at that position and he will again in the new position. There are a great number of overhauls that should into play, and there is no need to hire so many new people either. Waste is rampant in the City, and there is no way to control waste like you would a business either. By nature government is inefficient.

  4. Southern Girl says:

    But without government you’d have no roads, no oversight of food safety, no military forces, no education policy…

    Check the news, most people are moving past the 80s, when the “gov’t is the problem” slogan was vogue. In the 21st century, that theory just ain’t working.
    And our country isn’t working. Our neighbors aren’t working.

    Because relying solely on the “generosity and wisdom” of the free market exposed the problems we have with greed and excess.

    Government isn’t evil — greed is.

  5. turnermidfield says:

    This is true, but like mtrainin’ said, government will never be the most efficient allocator of capital. Private investors, whether companies or individuals, will have more responsibility and are less likely to be effected by corruption…greed is dangerous but often leads to the demise of the investor. The “invisible hand” is often guided by the special interest groups, and it is up to politicians to make the right decisions. That’s where you find the waste.

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