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Paul Harden stirring up more San Marco residents

Fresh from his controversial Jackson Square project and weekly strategy meetings with the Mayor on the Waste Management no-bid contract to run Trail Ridge Landfill, Paul Harden is busy stirring up more San Marco neighbors.   This time, Paul is seeking to rezone his brothers’ property on Hendricks Avenue to a PUD, stirring neighbors’ fears that he will move commercial activities into a residential zone.  Already, nearly 200 neighbors, led by Joanelle Mulrain, have signed a petition to fight the proposed rezoning.


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  1. Joanelle Mulrain says:

    And I am joined by neighbor Paula Joyner – we are doing this together. She is doing a yeoman’s job of activating neighbors as well as organizations so we can be heard on this issue of rezoning a parcel on Hendricks Avenue (West side) that touches 5 neighbors’ yards cuz it cuts “deep” into our Colonial Manor neighborhood – please drive by (3634 Hendricks) – there is a meeting at City Hall tonight at 5 pm. If you so choose, please voice your opinion yea or nay there. Please help us stop this rezoning! Thanks for your time.

  2. ds says:

    when, where and how can I help???

    Please let me know. Where in city hall?

  3. Toxic Avenger says:

    Maybe you nervous-nillies should go to the planning department and look at the PUD application? “We are protesting the change but have no idea what it actually is!” Brilliant! Who knows. It could be much worse than you possibly imagined. But, you will just look stupid, spouting off about a rezoning you have not researched.

  4. Southern Girl says:

    Has Paul Harden or his brother said what they plan to do with the rezoning? What will the property become?

    They would probably put to rest some fears/concerns if they told neighbors what they REALLY plan to do with the property once it is rezoned.

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