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Nobody Can Read the State’s Budget

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Sen. Carey Baker said he met with the Senate’s budget chief, J.D. Alexander, this morning [Monday] to plot an ambitious goal: put Florida’s budget on the Internet in an easy-to-read format, down to every penny the state spends.

“That would give you — and everyone else — the same access as our staff,” said Baker, R-Eustis, who added the state’s $65 billion budget is unreadable in its current bill form. “You can’t do it individually. There’s just too much data.”

The online budget would list all of the state’s expenses — down to office rent to cell phone bills for state employees to airfares for executives, Baker said. Staff members say it could be up and running by July, Baker said, but the logistics seem daunting.

“If we’re going to do it, we’re going to need everyone on board,” he said.

Senator Baker is the Chair of the Senate’s General Government Appropriations Committee, so if anyone has heard complaints about the State budget format, I’m sure it’s been him.  

IMO, transparency like that is a great idea. 

And while we’re at it, let’s put the City’s budget on line like that as well. 

How about it, City Council?


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