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Crist Bombs with Conservatives

Charlie Crist may have maintained decent approval ratings in Florida, but he’s hardly a hit with conservatives.  At this past week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, which is considered perhaps the foremost school on conservative political thought and one of the most dominant voices in the Republican Party, Charlie Crist bombed.  For starters, he wasn’t invited to speak—hardly a good sign for someone whose future political ambitions include designs on the Presidency.  

In a straw poll held to gauge the party’s frontrunner to challenge Barack Obama in 2012, Crist scored a whopping 1%—well behind Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul and even Rudy Guiliani.  Crist’s name was roundly booed during the balloting and he was later referred to as “Barack Obama’s favorite Republican.”  Conservatives dominate  Republican primaries and no candidate in recent memory has secured the GOP nomination without at least nominal support from CPAC.  If Crist truly has ambitions beyond Tallahassee, he has fences to mend with conservatives.


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  1. Facts says:

    Crist is a disaster for Republicans and conservatives. Hopefully come reelection time he will have a Republican challenger that is a conservative or else I’ll be voting for the Democratic candidate. If I’m going to have a Democrat as governor I may as well have one that’s truthful about being a Democrat and not using the Republican name to get elected.

  2. Roger McGaha says:

    There is no reason for Mr. Crist to be invited to the CPAC. He’s not a conservative! In fact he’s a well known “RINO.” That is why he is the President’s favorite Republican. After I spoke with my state house repersentive, we both agreed that we waisted our vote last year. Hopefully he will be a one term Governor and I’ll be working for that.

  3. Anna M says:

    Gov. Crist is doing what he feels is best for the people who elected him, which included Democrats. The Republicans can continue down this road of silliness and ignorance, but they will soon be left behind listening to Rush Limbaugh and asking themselves what happened?

  4. ricardo maxwell says:

    Thanks for your post Anna M. If there was ever a doubt in my mind that someday I might support Charlie Crist, you have removed it. It is people like you that caused the situation that we are in today. Do you use that head to store anything besides hair?

  5. ricardo maxwell says:

    PS Too Many Republicans DIDN’T listen to Rush and look what happened. Crist never was a republican or a conservative. He is just like the messiah. Tell ’em anything they want to hear until you get elected. Obama is not a Democrat, he’s a Marxist!

  6. Morgan says:

    Charlie Crist is a liberal in almost every way. Whether he’s spouting global warming nuttiness or driving insurance companies to pack up and leave the state, I’m SICK of the miserable Populist! He’ll say WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your vote, and make no mistake, he thinks YOU are an idiot!
    BTW, am I the only one who feels sorry for hias new wife? 🙂

  7. gatorblue says:

    I don’t think Charlie Crist thinks voters are idiots. I just think Charlie has some rather blind ambition.

  8. jaxopus says:

    I am ashamed that I was duped into voting for him. His handling of the State Farm Homeowners insurance debacle is another indication he is not conservative…

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