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Trail Ridge Dump

Ed Gamble weighs in on Mayor Peyton and the Trail Ridge Landfill.



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  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    If WasteManagment has to go to bid, and then files litigation, that will encumber money the Mayor wants to use for other projects like the court house. I don’t think it is as simple as it looks. Speaking of the courthouse, remember the winning bidder told us they could build Monticello for the price of a doublewide?

  2. spidey says:

    I agree the Trail Ridge issue isn’t an easy one. But bidding it out is not only the right thing to do, the Mayor has firm legal grounds to stand on in doing so.

    Quite frankly, I’d prefer that this Mayor not build the courthouse given his track record on the issue so far.

  3. joe taxpayer says:

    Tough decisions take leadership. The Mayor has to stand up to lobbyists and threats of legal action when he holds all the cards. I believe that the Mayor is good man so there has to be more to this story. Pressure from Harden and others. This may be a follow the money type deal. I hope it does not turn up what I think it might.

  4. Horatio Salazar says:

    Actually, you mention “follow the money” and I think the article above hits it squarely on the head. It’s hard to believe that a Mayor with a net worth in the millions would be trying to secure something unseemly. The reality is that Waste Management, along with the assistance of their lobbyist who obviously maintains constant contact with the Mayor and his office, wrote this new contract in a way that benefits the current Mayor. He will acheive “savings” in the first two years that will help him rather significantly as he tries to balance the City’s budget. Of course, those “savings” come at the expense of a 35-year contract that could severly harm future city budgets.

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