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On 2nd thought, that escort cost $700,000

After the revelation that Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp’s bodyguard/driver cost the state more than $210,000 over the last two years, the Sun-Sentinel decided to do a little more digging.  The results are rather astonishing. 

 A personal chauffeur and bodyguard, multiple airplanes and three sport utility vehicles stationed around the state are all part of an elaborate network used in transporting Florida’s lieutenant governor, Jeff Kottkamp.

Records obtained by the Sun Sentinel this week show that Kottkamp, criticized for his frequent use of the state’s executive aircraft fleet, also has flown extensively on a plane owned by the Florida Highway Patrol, which is charged with protecting the lieutenant governor.

On the ground, the highway patrol drives Kottkamp around in three SUVs purchased for more than $80,000 after he took office in January 2007. One is based in Fort Myers, where Kottkamp has a home, another in Tallahassee and the third in Central Florida.

The total tab for Kottkamp’s travel and protection for his first two years in office: more than $700,000.

So, what do you think?  Does the State of Florida even need a Lt. Governor?  Vote in the Orlando Sentinel’s poll here.


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  1. g8rluvr says:

    The guy who originally filed the ethics complaint against Ray Sansom has filed an ethics complaint against the Lt. Governor.

    You can read about it here.

  2. why says:

    There is something behind the throne that is greater than the king himself

  3. John Gault says:

    Would anyone even know who the hell this guy is ig it wernt for the 3 SUV’s, the airplane and bodyguards. I couldnt pick this guy out of a line up. Whatever happened to driving yourself to work, or maybe he should be taken to work in a Troopers Car, that would save a ton of money!

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