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Racism in Jax Fire & Rescue?


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  1. Mickey Bullard says:

    Racist is only investigated if the issue is Black. It was proven the Rope found on a black firemans equipment. Was in fact done by the one of the so called victims. The black fireman who refused to take the lie detector test. Have a outside firm do the
    testing. No race is ask or entered on the application. After the apllications are reviewed by an outside firm. Qualifications background check and then the People who are qualified not he RACE. Proceed
    forward. The interviewing is done by a quailified review panel in whatever dept. is hiring police or fireman. This is the FAIR way !!!!!!! Not hiring by the race and quota’s. You won’t anyone Black that wants to play by the same rules. They want their own rules and that is racist !!!!!!!!!!! This is where respect comes if you play by the same rules you earn respect. To demand respect because you deserve it or it is owed to you. Your are the DAMN Fool !!!!!!!

  2. Frank Drebin says:

    He forgot to mention how after hurricane Katrina, his brother stole donated hurricane supplies and got caught.

    He also forgot to mention how he is tied in with a Captain on the fire department who has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits. He has been taught the ways of how to sue because the city folds at the first sign of trouble.

  3. Bluejean says:

    The problem with JFRD is the appointees that John Peyton has chosen. There is no leadership in the fire department. The administration is crooked and all but 2 need to be replaced. Thanks to our fine mayor, this won’t happen until he’s gone. The training school has been run into the ground. What was once one of the best in the country has now gone downhill. The rank and file have to pay the price for incompetent leaders and crooked politics. Hang in there guys.

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