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Are we increasing the racial divide?

According to the Times Union, the new Black Republican Headquarters in Jacksonville is scheduled to open Thursday- the only office of its kind in the State.   I question the wisdom of Republicans opening a separate office. 

Studies by JCCI through the years, and including the most recent one (page 34), have demonstrated that a racial divide continues to exist in the City of Jacksonville.  In fact, in 1996, the City was labeled with the title of  “worst race relations” by the U.S. Commission on Human Rights.  In response, the City’s Human Rights Commission, under the guidance of Charlene Taylor-Hill, began holding study circles, groups of 10-15 people of diverse ethnicities aimed at encouraging people to talk with each other about issues that were creating racial divisions.   As of 2006, approximately 2500 people had participated in the study circles.  While that’s a good start, there’s still much more work to be done.  So here’s a link to the study circle program if you’re interested in understanding and helping to resolve the racial divide in Jacksonville. 

According to the local GOPers, the new Black Republican office is being opened to concentrate on getting more blacks to sign on as Republicans and vote.  But I wonder if we aren’t increasing the racial divide that currently exists in our City.


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  1. Michael says:

    I hope you reach out to Maurice Symonette, aka Michael, the voice of Black Republicans. He has a long-running radio show in Miami. He can help you.

  2. ds says:

    I was a quite shocked when I read this. I would not like to have a new Black Democratic headquarters or a new white Republican headquaters.

    I agree that when the NAACP started it was needed and helped bring Black with receiving their civil rights and assisting a horrible racial devide in those times.

    In 2009, I shudder at the thought we would have a new Black something or a new White something.

    Wasn’t it in 1964, MLK said ‘do not judge people by the color of their skin ……………..??

    Do not do this in 2009. Please.

  3. jaded says:

    This is what the GOP does when they need a group but don’t really want to let them in the club. Kind of like the Log Cabin Republicans.

  4. Eric says:

    I’m totally shocked that anybody in this country ever thinks that this racial issue will ever end. But it won’t because black people will not stop living in the past. Black people have more today then any other race of people! but it is never good enough. Blacks get free welfare, grants and loans for school for free, they get jobs just because their black. Company’s hesitate to fire blacks due to law suits. Black make every thing they do black, and don’t want any other race to be included. In Jax they had the Black spring break, Black bridel show etc…. The NAACP is the black KKK, But instead of white sheets they wear suits “lawyers” and they act like all black people are being accused of crimes because there black. And instead of white and black people it’s now white and Afroamerician? Nothing is good enough. I’m white! i have never been a KKK member, and i never owned a slave. I can write a book with all the stuff i see about race in the U.S. everyday. Everybody loving each other would be great in magic land! but this is real life and not everybody will like everybody! Ever!!

  5. ds says:

    Wow I guess Eric Holder was right. We are cowards as Americans that we do not discuss race issues.

    To the abve commenter, I pity yur thoughts. You have lump a large group of people for many ills of our country and taking from government all because of the color of their skin.

    You do not need a white sheet as you have put your head in the sand and mud. You my friend I would say speaks cowardly.

  6. Great post Eric! donna, you need to stop looking though your rose colored glasses.

    What one generation tolerates, the next embraces. Our tolerance and silence has given silent permission for morality and common sense to be abdicated!

  7. ds says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. Wait a few minutes while I remove these groovy rose colored glasses. It is so much fun to wear them and be totally oblivious to a group of ignorant people (word used loosely) who have the hatred and contempt for a large group of people who happen to have a different skin color.

    I know, I have lived in duval county for more than 50 years and wearing these totatally rad specs give me a specialfeeling about your friend Eric, who is such a rasist without a cause, KKK member without a sheet, and is drinking all that kool aid, crazy looney Ann Coulter gave him and has made a living off this for the last four years.

    You are so correct. Eric, great post. you are now a member of the largest ignorgant, misinformed, hatred filled, and stupid group of white people who called themselves americans.

    When someone has no intelligent conversation or any worthwhile comments to make……….they go stright to playing the race card. it is so easy and you just have to have a computer. No brain needed.

    By the way, Great post eric, Talk is cheap. try to make an intelligent comment using facts without generalizing a large group of people as one. You may need to get off your little gold crown of being white, as it takes more then being white, being able to type on a computer to become a man, a non coward man at that.

    Eric an Friend, “taslk is cheap’. You may be white but you are cheap. Examine the problems and offer up more than a goof ball with his head i nthe sand as the world passes he by.

    BTWE…did you hear? barack Obama is the president of the United States Of America. What great contributions have you made, You rightous white man?]

    Another monkey typing away…………………

  8. Marine says:

    When all colors of people play by the same rules then and only does everybody understand what the rules are. I am a republican and I find it pretty stupid that now the blacks want a seperate repubican party in Jacksonville. Once again blacks want there own set of rules. It is amazeing that Obama is called the first African American president. He in fact is the first By-Racial president. His African father never played a role in his life or up bringing. His mother was White and his grand mother white and raised him to be the man he is today. Not the African part of his heritage. He is just as much White as he is Black. Put credit where it is due his white grand mother and you can’t change it.

  9. Leo says:

    While I think the original question is admirable the comments on here are in no way for us to improve race relations.

    Let’s face it—Republicans need a new base and have been out of touch with people of color for awhile (e.g. illegal immigration, George Bush, Hurricane Katrina relief, Bush Tax Cuts). So it sounds logical for them to be putting poster boys of race—Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal (responding to Obama’s speech last night).

    It is common practice for parties within parties to organize ethnically (Congressional Black Caucus, Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus). Now are all these ethnically base-institutions racist? I think they are a forum to promote shared concerns and participation of a minority group than to act as a party of systematic exclusion and discrimination.

    Now when the NAACP can organize their own Black Citizens Councils, institute Poll Tax on Voting, redirect Federal money in the form of no-bid contracts (aka good ole boy network), and influence certain States on their anti-illegal immigration policy and participate in capital inhumane lynching…

    then you can call them the Black KKK.

  10. Leo says:

    as for the original question….

    Yes there’s an obvious racial divide in jacksonville.
    We can look no further than the school systems here and the residential layout.

    I was privileged enough to go through private Catholic school up until I enrolled in a Magnet program in HS. Now there is discussions to shut down Magnet programs because of the brain drain outside of neighborhood schools. (It’s no secret our neighborhood schools are overwhelmingly Black and Latino)

    You can stamp it as a push for racial or class equity, but the main issue is we need to improve public education all around. Now is the path getting there shutting down Magnets? Closing all public school programs and enroll everyone in Private and Charter Schools? Vouchers for all? Blame (and educate) the parents for having such horrible kids?

    These issues would never be resolved without a frank discussion on people’s views…which do include people of all races, classes and backgrounds. And each impact communities a certain way. (e.g. When we started the Magnet school program, I remember a lot of local (predominantly black kids who couldn’t qualify had to bus farther away to another HS).

    I love Jacksonville’s diversity and we truly have come a long way as a city. But the more we avoid issues of race the more it comes up and we don’t know how to move forward to a new reality.

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