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A $136,000 Bodyguard

Bankrolling Florida’s Lt. Governor, Jeff Kottkamp, is a rather expensive task.  We’ve already discussed the $400,000 + that Florida taxpayers spent flying the Lt. Governor to and from Ft. Myers (every other day, apparently) during his first two years in office, but there’s more.  When he’s not flying, the Lt. Governor prefers to drive.  Well, let’s rephrase that.  The Lt. Governor does not drive, he is driven.  (It’s much more difficult to comb a mustache when you  are at the wheel.)  And, how much does it cost Florida taxpayers to have the Lt. Governor driven around?  

For starters, his assigned patrolman billed $62,000 in travel expenses over the past two years—this on top of his $74,000 annual salary and, of course, does not include benefits.  And, while we would never fault the trooper over his assignment, it is rather interesting that while his base station is Tallahassee, he owns a home in Ft. Myers.  Yet, because Tallahassee is his “home station,” he is able to legally claim up to $80 a day in “per diem” while in Ft. Myers with the Lt. Governor.  Now, bear in mind that the Lt. Governor seems to spend more time in Ft. Myers than Tallahassee and you will start to understand why guarding the Lt. Governor is so expensive.

If we are cutting educational funding for our children and slicing healthcare funding for the state’s most needy citizens, everything needs to be on the table.  Which means that Floridians really need to ask the question—does the state really need a Lt. Governor?

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  1. Frank Drebin says:

    If nobody knows who this guy is, why does he need a bodyguard????

  2. GM says:

    My thoughts exactly Frank

  3. Mickey Bullard says:

    This is why Government is crooked with perks to politicians. A Lt. Governor sure lives a lavish
    lifestyle at the taxpayers expense. One could
    only wonder how the money could be used in the
    education system for schools in Florida. It’s
    time for the LT. Governor to get a real job.
    Put the state trooper back out on the road doing
    what he is paid to do. Not being a high dollar

  4. tchr150 says:

    None of the free-market restraints against financial mismanagement apply to government. The government doesn’t need to raise money by meeting a market demand or raising investment capital- it simply takes what it wants through taxes, which can be raised at will. It never has to operate profitably or efficiently; witness the multi-million dollar shortfalls. It also has no incentive to cut costs. There is no stock price to worry about, and nobody tracks government “performance” against earlier years. Nobody ever gets fired. Simply put, the money is not hard-earned, so it’s not well-spent.
    Of course government could clean up its financial mess, but ultimately it is voters who must demand accountability for their tax dollars. Remember that you give government at all levels nearly half of everything you earn. If you invested that much into a private company, don’t you think you would keep a close eye on it and demand accountability as a shareholder? The only thing we know for sure about the government budget is that it will go up each year unless and until voters remove the politicians who insist on taxing, spending, and borrowing us to death.

  5. John says:

    I am floored by this article. WTF?

  6. gatorblue says:

    Actually, wouldn’t the 2-year cost be over $210,000? And that’s before benefits. Would anyone even recognize the Lt. Governor in a crowd if they wanted to harm him?

  7. Just more of the same! The government socking it to the taxpayer. None of you really think this kind of stuff is gonna stop do you? You all seem smarter than that to me.

    What one generation tolerates, the next embraces. Our tolerance and silence has given silent permission for morality and common sense to be abdicated!

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  9. govinsider says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, the average civilan,as we call all of you, has not even a clue as to the true measure of utter wasteful spending that goes on. We do not recycle, or conserve anything there is no need, our yearly budget is always spent by the end of the fiscal year, as it is a use it or loose it process heck every year I get a new computer that an uber geek has wet dreams over. At no time is there a reward for saving money at the end of the year, cause if you don’t spend it some one else will! The kicker to all of this the system is designed that way, why dont you come and work for us and you’ll see for yourself! Should I feel guilty, well maybe a little, but I got this here job for life if I wish, and all I have to do to keep it is do what my bosses tell me!

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