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Thrasher entering Senate Race?

The Republican primary for Jim King’s State Senate seat is starting to get crowded.  We’ve already written about City Councilman Art Graham and former State Representative Aaron Bean and their fundraising efforts, but they’ve got company.  No sooner did Dan Quiggle jump into the race, than the man who can out-fundraise them all said he’s interested.

“If I had to say if I was going to do it today, I’d probably do it,” [John] Thrasher said Friday. A final decision won’t come until after the session, but he said: “I think it’s something I’m ready to do again. His wife Jean has “given me the green light,” he said. “I would love to get back in the process.


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  1. Could it be? says:

    Could it be that John Thrasher has lobbying contracts that run thru the upcoming Legislative session that he still wants to collect on? Thus his reason for not announcing he was entering today? It’s a nice way of saying “I’m running, but I still need to collect a few hundred thousand in lobbyist fees. But, don’t give your money to these guys. I’ll be in as soon as the session is over.”

  2. Bill McMillan says:

    I wonder if Thrasher will trust his election to “certain electors” that he diparaged in fighting the Florida Home Democracy initiative.

    In case anyone has forgotten, those “electors” were the citizens of Florida.

  3. Frank Drebin says:

    Art Graham Wins. Hands down. The majority of voters for the seat are right in his epi-center.

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