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Charlie’s remarkable, fantastic budget

It remarkably fantastically uses federal stimulus money for recurring expenses.  [St. Pete Times]

*Video courtesy of the Miami Herald.


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  1. gatorblue says:

    This just further cements the Crist era as a complete joke:

    How else does the governor plug holes. Here’s how:

    * $529 million from a bottled water fee, 10 percent increase in motor vehicle registration, 10 percent increase in drivers license fees, increases in the solid waste disposal fee and the fee on overweight trucks.

    * $300 million by bonding for prison construction

    * $400 million in trust fund sweeps, leaving them virtually empty

    * $274 million in trust fund reductions.

    So, we raid the trust funds, increase fees for college students—all the while continuing to cut the property taxes of wealthy South Florida retirees? Make sense?

  2. bruce says:



  3. Nancy says:

    There is no thanks to the government when all they have done is stole our money and our grandchildren’s money.

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