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We’d like to bid, Mr. Mayor!

The Mayor may have his staff in weekly strategy sessions brainstorming for the best method to sell his (very) unpopular no-bid 35-year, $750 million contract to the voters, but other waste management (pun intended) aren’t sitting idly by. The Times-Union has already written about Republic Services’ interest in bidding on the Trail Ridge Landfill, but let’s add another company to the mix. Waste Industries USA, Inc has expressed interest in bidding on the business. According to their website, the company operates collections sites throughout the southeast and was named one of Forbes Best 200 Small Companies in 2007.  The company contacted the city on Tuesday (the 17th) and asked to be contacted if the city put out a request for proposal, indicating their willingness to bid on the contract.

There’s an interesting article floating around that draws attention to the fact that Waste Management and Republic Services control the US trash sector.  The article, in Forbes, poses an interesting question:

[Michael] Hoffman said the Republic and Waste Management own 573 of America’s 600 landfills, meaning they can sustain – and raise – prices without losing business. “If you control the ultimate disposal, you can’t gouge the marketplace but you can raise prices above inflation,” he said.

Perhaps the contract should be put out to bid.  With so much interest, you’d have to assume the city could get a few proposals to compare with the one Peyton seems intent on ramming thru.


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  1. Jack says:

    Bid it out, City policy for procurement states that any award over $2500 has to be bid out and contain at least 3 bidders. Can we not find 3 bidders for trash management? Are there really made-men holding the mayor hostage? Since when did Waste Management own City Land which the City uses for City Services? Seems to me that Waste Management is holding the City hostage.

  2. Lou Myers says:

    Mr. Mayer,
    The taxpayers of this city deserves to know that their
    tax dollars are being spent wisely. No bid contracts
    should is not in the best interest of the citizens.
    Please allow all comers to bid whenever our money is
    being spent.

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