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So this is how the City works…the Mayor’s lobbying team

Updated: Trail Ridge
From: Ivy, Lynette on behalf of Hollingsworth, Adam
Required: Skipper, Misty; Mosley, Alan; Hall, Sherry; Davis, Rachel; Gujjarlapudi, Ebenezer; Pearson, Chris; paul_harden@bellsouth.net; Mike Tolbert (m1tolbert@aol.com); Barcelo, Bruce (bruce@logicalmagic.com); Michael Munz
When: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Location: AH Office

Just a reminder that we are meeting tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 11th) at 8:00am on Trail Ridge, in Adam’s office.

We are going to schedule ‘mostly’ recurring meetings every week through the end of February, for this group to meet regarding Trail Ridge.

The group will be:
Adam Hollingsworth
Alan Mosley
Misty Skipper
Sherry Hall
Rachel Davis
Ebenezer Gujjarlapudi
Chris Pearson
Mike Tolbert and
Paul Harden
Bruce Barcelo
Michael Munz

Here is the schedule:
Jan. 15 (Thurs) at 8am
Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 4, 11 (all Wednesday’s) at 8am
Feb. 17 (Tuesday) at Noon
Feb. 23 (Monday) at 4pm

Please attend all that you can. They will all take place in Adam’s office.

Editor’s Update: Michael Munz has informed Jax Politics that he did not attend any meetings in regards to the Waste Management contract. He has assured us that he has not and is not working on behalf of Waste Management and is not involved with the contract negotiations. We apologize for any assumptions that were made based on this Memo. -AH

G8rluvr’s Update: I’m sure Mr. Munz will be able to get an apology from the Mayor’s Office for any errors in the E-mail I posted above which was copied directly and verbatim from Mr. Mosley’s City E-mail inbox.


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  1. Dave says:

    Now isn’t THAT interesting… the attorney who represents Waste Management, who threatens to sue the City if the contract isn’t awarded to Waste Management, is part of the Mayor’s team to push the deal through City Council.

    Could it be that the threats of a lawsuit were, uh, orchestrated by someone in the Mayor’s Office?

  2. Brett says:

    So you are telling me that the mayor has been saying that we cannot put out to bid because Waste Management will sue us and they are having regular lobbying meeting with the same lawyers who are making the threats. Is there any rule or code that prevents this type of thing. What is going on here.

  3. Brett says:

    Is this common practice to push an almost billion dollar contract through the council. Who do I call to have some one investigate these deals?

  4. jaxvoice says:

    My suggestion would be that you put heat on your City Council member (and the 5 at-large members). they are the ones who will make the decision.

  5. Lulu says:

    John Peyton and his administration are the most crooked bunch of people and it amazes me that tax payers have not made them accountable for wasting their money. Peyton and his administration should be fired. He’s been bought by half this city and has ruined the morale of the city employees. Peyton is an idiot and believe me, there are things the HE thinks are secret but they are not. He has made false accusations against innocent people to protect is little “secret”. His been in “bed” with some high rollers they think their “secret” is not known. Believe me, we know John. What about it Adam? You in on the “secret” too?

  6. Conrad J. Gunti, Jr. says:


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  8. John says:

    Who leaked the email? LOL

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