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Bid The Landfill, Mr. Mayor!

The opposition is building to the mayor’s 35-year $750 million no-bid contract he is attempting to force through the City Council.  As has been previously mentioned, an online petition is now available and collecting signatures.  It can be found here.  Additionally, a website offering tips on how to voice your opposition is now up.  It can be found here.  And, finally, an ad is now circulating.  Take a moment to view it below.


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  1. scott bray says:

    Waste Management is not a fly by night co. And is the best for the job The city is making the right choice.

  2. gatorblue says:

    I guess that’s what has been so amusing throughout this process…I certainly have never slammed Waste Management. They very well could be the right company for the job. But, if they feel so strongly about the strength of their contract, why are they so terrified to open it up to the bidding process, which, incidentally, is what is mandated by law? That’s the question I want answered. What is so damn good about this contract that we shouldn’t even consider anyone else?

    Question for you…is that how you conduct your personal business? When you are buying an automobile, do you jump at the first one you see because the dealer tells you its the best deal you’ll get anywhere? Or, do you do a little research before signing a contract?

  3. scott bray says:

    Would you buy a car you know noting about? waste is been there and is doing a good job. They are going to be around when these others will be out of business and leave the city holding the bag.

  4. gatorblue says:

    These other two companies that have expressed interest aren’t exactly fly by night companies. While you seem to be partial to Waste Management, I have no agenda with any of these companies. I’m not a lobbyist. I am not an employee of the City of Jacksonville. I am not an employee of Gate. I am simply a taxpayer who wants the best deal for the city.

    Which brings up the magic question, what is the best deal? WE DON’T KNOW BECAUSE THE MAYOR REFUSES TO ALLOW COMPETING BIDS.

    Stating that someone does or does not know anything about waste is throwing a red herring into a conversation and it’s insulting to the intelligence of the taxpayers.

    The taxpayers don’t care about the inner workings of waste disposal, we simply don’t understand why the Mayor isn’t willing to follow the law and bid this thing out.

    Why is the Mayor incapable of answering that question?

  5. gatorblue says:

    One last thing…it’s not about Waste having been there and having done a good job. They may have. It’s wonderful that they would meet the terms of their prior contract, which would have held them to a “good job” standard.

    But, having done a “good job” in the past doesn’t give one a ticket to waive the law in the future.

  6. ds says:

    Really S.B. Really………………you are defending the no-bid contract because Big Gargabe is no fly by the night co.

    Is that all you got??? How much did that get you ifor that comment.

    These lobbyist have some money kids, but you are going to need more than W.M. is no fly in the night co.

    Come on…..pmh can do better than that.

    Earn your keep, give us some facts?

  7. Tommy Hazouri says:

    Scott save your intelligence, these leftest saboteurs care about only one thing and that is to drag Peyton down.

    If you will notice, the latest post on Trail Ridge allows no comment, that explains these pink hairs to the T!

    You can get better commentary on AIM message boards than this dribble.

  8. g8rluvr says:

    Hey “Tommy”. Sorry you couldn’t comment on that particular post. We’re experimenting with our site. As we’ve said before, we appreciate our readers comments and insights, but we really hadn’t planned for the site to be a forum.

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