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Waste Management changing tactics?

It appears as if Waste Management may be trying to distance themselves from the Mayor’s good buddy, Paul Harden – at least on the surface anyway. 

Or maybe they are just trying the softer approach now that they’ve seen that their threats of litigation only served to cause City Council members and Jacksonville’s citizens to dig in their heels a little harder in opposing the Mayor’s proposed no-bid contract with Waste Management. 

Then (September 18, 2008): 

 “Believe me, if you don’t pass this [bill], it’s retirement for me because we’re going to litigate it until the cows come home,” [Paul] Harden told the council’s Rules Committee on Monday.

Now (February 16, 2009): 

Waste Management spokesman Chuck Dees said the company has not decided if it will file suit if the City Council refuses to approve the new contract and forces the mayor to put Trail Ridge out to bid. He also wouldn’t say if the company would submit a proposal if the city did that.  “We never speculate on those kinds of things,” he said. “We just have to go through this process and see where we end up, and the company would make a decision.”

Evidently, Paul’s retirement plans may be up for grabs, at least for now.


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  1. Dave says:

    That’s the difference between a PR person (“spokesman”) and an attorney talking – It’s kind of like playing good cop, bad cop. I wouldn’t read much into it.

  2. spidey says:

    Or maybe the Mayor thinks he has the votes he needs now.

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