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Jeb Bush on Education: Throw the system out

The Wall Street Journal interviews Jeb Bush.

What comes through when Mr. Bush is asked about education is how radical his views are. He would toss out the traditional K-to-12 scheme in favor of a credit system, like colleges have.

“It’s not based on seat time,” he says. “It’s whether you accomplished the task. Now we’re like GM in its heyday of mass production. We don’t have a flourishing education system that’s customized. There’s a whole world out there that didn’t exist 10 years ago, which is online learning. We have the ability today to customize learning so we don’t cast young people aside.”

This is where Sweden comes in. “The idea that somehow Sweden would be the land of innovation, where private involvement in what was considered a government activity, is quite shocking to us Americans,” Mr. Bush says. “But they’re way ahead of us. They have a totally voucherized system. The kids come from Baghdad, Somalia — this is in the tougher part of Stockholm — and they’re learning three languages by the time they finish. . . . there’s no reason we can’t have that except we’re stuck in the old way.”

Interestingly enough, you’ll notice he doesn’t mention his successor on the list of current Republican governors he admires.

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  1. Dzaed and Confuced says:

    So, this is a big turn about from “No Child Left Behind”. I guess Florida was an experiment. Trust a Bush, never, never, never. After the what that family has wrought on our country they should all be arrested, jailed and assets frozen.

    It looks like the “big lie” worked and now they can change the story for some sort of political gain.

  2. Above the Crowd says:

    The “Big Lie” is the exclusive property of the Democratic Party

  3. why says:

    The assumption that public education is serving any other purpose then churning out mcworkers is more delusional then believing that the last election changed anything in this country.

  4. You can tell if a person love this country as much as they love themselves. Bump the political party crap and let’s save this country. President Obama is the right man for this 180-degree turn this country needs today across the paradigm. I agree that Jeb Bush is apart of the one world order mentality (Project for New America Century) and we should keep a close eye on this group, 24/7. The Cheney gangsters and thugs in both parties especially the Speaker of the House and Barney Frank greed almost bankruptcy this country by design. Regardless of the damage done to this country we must stop the bleeding first then we can study the causes of this greed pandemic in America.

    Jeb Bush is right on point concerning dumping our present non productive traditional K-to-12 scheme in favor of a credit system, like colleges have. I totally agree the credit system on all levels will leap this country forward by 10 years in education. The power behind this brilliant idea is that student can learn at their speed, move the advance student forward, cost effective saving million of dollars, and etc, it’s a win-win solution for America. I plan to be a proactive voice for this change.

    I am a register democrat by blood and an independent voter for America.

  5. Greg Hyatt says:

    To bad no one listened to Jeb Bush he actually has a winning education model like the European country of Sweden. The Eduaction system in Florida and nationwide needs to be thorwn out, it is all about the teachers and their union. The education system in the United States and Florida will be mired in the sewer as far as performance until totally changed to a course based system to move the students ahead for forward progress not grade level and seat time in school.

  6. Interesting says:

    I totally agree. As a student who went through the mess that they call primary and secondary education here in Florida, I can honestly say it is one ineffective system. President Obama, who cant turn a 180 because of all the politcal garbage he has surrounded himself with, uses common phrases such as “Schools need to stop failing so many kids”. What they all need to realize is that, for most situations, KIDS fail school not vice versa. The educations system has grown weak, useless, and increasingly mired in beauracracy. Its time people turned back to the business of educating those willing to learn, helping those who strugle but not giving them the “no fail free pass option” and stopped putting down trade professions because, unlike popular opinion, not everyone needs to go to college.

  7. Richard says:

    All Bush is focusing on in the Swedish system is the concept of vouchers. But the Swedish system is a federally controlled program rather than a state-controlled program.

    There is much internal debate in Sweden about the efficacy of their system design and it is not without controversy or problems.

    Once again, Bush merely lifts a vocabulary word out of their complex system and jettisons the rest as irrelevant.

  8. Scott says:

    Ah…his suggestion has worked out well for his older brother who’s father purchased an Ivy League education.

    I guess belonging to “Skull and Bones” has more importance than attendance in class.

    Just think of it…more than one village idiot per village…hmm?

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