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Wasted Management

More folks are weighing in to the City Council President asking him to please open up the proposed Waste Management contract for Trail Ridge Landfill to bid.  There are no new letters of support for the Mayor’s proposal.

Here’s another example of citizens’ opinion on the issue -appropriately entitled “Wasted Management”:

From:   Dave Posted:   Fri 2/13/2009 2:25 PM
Posted To:   Ronnie Fussell’s Email
Conversation:   wasted management
Subject:   wasted management


I strongly suggest the council vote no on no bid contracts. I run a business and we always bid out purchases to enhance our bottom line. Secondly, 35 years is too long of a contract. Technology exists now that turns garbage and tires into diesel fuel and carbon powder. There are five prototype plants around the country now. [Discovery Channel] In a few years this technology will be available at every land fill in the country.  Waste Management takes tires and shreds them and then buries them in a landfill. [Discovery Channel] I hope in the next election to be able to vote on a citizens initiative that gives voters the power of recall in the Florida Constitution. After the first year of service, any politician is fair game. If 55% of the voters want them out, they are gone.

D.W.          My Family Votes In Every Election

BTW, in the latest Council Auditor’s quarterly summary report (click on Report #661 on the web page) on City’s finances for the first quarter, the Solid Waste folks are projecting a decrease of approximately 45,000 tons of solid waste this year. This marked decrease further supports the fact that the current Trail Ridge Landfill could last longer than 5-7 years.  See our previous post on that subject here.


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  1. ron littlepage says:

    More dribble and lies from the peanut gallery:

    “Waste Management takes tires and shreds them and then buries them in a landfill”

    Wrong, the tires are sold to a tire shredding company that recycles them into useful products and has since the landfill opened.

    “decrease of approximately 45,000 tons of solid waste this year”

    That is far less than the total tonnage for one month, so now how is that “drastic?” drop going to increase the life span of the landfill for years??

    You are doing nothing more than making a fool of yourself but you are amusing, kinda like reading the Sunday cartoon section.

  2. g8rluvr says:

    Well, I see from the IP address that our resident City Solid Waste Division employee has weighed in on the Waste Management no-bid contract again.

    Thanks Ron/Tom/Bubba (or whatever your name happens to be the next time) for your insights.
    Keep on reading our site as we’ll have a post in a day or so that I think will really interest you.

  3. Charlie Crist says:


    Facts are hard to dispute


  4. g8rluvr says:

    Changed your name already, Ron/Tom/Bubba?

    I can’t really speak to the facts as contained in the E-mail sent to the Council President. However, I find it interesting that on the City’s website they have “disposal” fees for accepting tires at the Trail Ridge landfill…ostensibly for disposal.

    “If appliances and/or tires are taken to Trail Ridge Landfill, they must be declared at the scalehouse. If not declared, there is an additional surcharge. The fees for disposal of white goods and tires at Trail Ridge are as follows:

    $ 1.50 – passenger car tires (each)
    $10.00 – truck tires (each)
    $28.00 – other tires (each)
    $20.00 – appliances (each)”

    Also on the City webpage:

    “What are the procedures for collection of appliances, tires and building materials for the small commercial business accounts that do pay the City for service?

    Our small commercial business accounts must make their own arrangements for the disposal of appliances, tires and building materials. These items are not included in the service contract. Businesses may either arrange for collection and disposal through an independent waste hauler or take items to Trail Ridge Landfill themselves. Commercial businesses may also take their appliances to the City’s Appliance Center, located at 2675 Commonwealth Avenue. For more information, please call 904-384-1380. Tires can be disposed at American Rubber Technologies, located at 302 N. Lane Avenue. For more information, please call them at 904-786-5200.” http://www.coj.net/Departments/Public+Works/Solid+Waste/FAQs.htm

    That appears to give them the choice to dispose of tires at Trail Ridge or they can recycle them at American Rubber Technologies. However, if people take them directly to the recycler, then Waste Management would have to purchase the shredded materials to use them as landfill cover – which brings up the point that maybe the person who E-mailed Mr. Fussell was referring to the common practice of using shredded tires as landfill cover (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire_recycling) especially since the landfilling of whole tires is banned in Florida (http://www.dep.state.fl.us/waste/quick_topics/publications/shw/recycling/1999-2000AnnualReport/chapters/chapter%205.pdf).

    Also, a 2002 JCCI study reflects that nearly 13,000 tons of waste tires were disposed of at Trail Ridge Landfill in 1998 alone….and that approximately 50 tons of illegally dumped waste tires are collected each year in Jacksonville. http://www.jcci.org/projects/reports/documents/cc2002.pdf

    And maybe we’d have more room for our trash and our landfill would last alot longer than the 5-7 years projected if Trail Ridge weren’t taking all of St. Johns County’s trash, as they apparently have been. http://www.clk.co.st-johns.fl.us/minrec/Resolutions/1999/RES1999-93.pdf

    BTW, I don’t see anything independent that you have provided in your comments to support your version of the “facts”

  5. spidey says:

    The fact that two City leaders – Ana Wood and Janice Eggleton Davis (who both thought the City could run the landfill alot cheaper than Waste Management, and who fought the Waste Management proposal) – were forced from their jobs as a reward for speaking out speaks “volumes” to me.


  6. Elvis says:

    The tires are not used for cover they are removed and sold to a tire recycle co. Their are no appliances buried either, they are also removed by a third party.

    Janice never put forth the voice to run the landfill officially, Ms. Davis made a lot of enemy’s while at solid waste and it had nothing to do with waste mgt.

    Ana was ousted by waste mgt. and had a bone to pick with waste but her father passed and she took directions elsewhere, it had nothing to do with running the landfill.

    The city could have easily run the landfill back in 92, we had two full crews coming from the closures of the East and North landfill but with Hazouris “garbage tax” and the fallout afterward s,the politicians wanted nothing to do with operating the landfill, so it was bid to waste mgt. and moved to the far end of the county.

    Waste has done an excellent job and keeps the landfill running on the cutting edge of current environmental issues.

    I have nothing to gain from supporting the landfill contract, I just know enough about it to know it is in the best interest of the city to proceed with the current plan.

    BTW, did you know Republics hauling contract was not rebid?

    I guess Paul McCormick and his close friend Littlepage don’t find that very newsworthy.


    The name calling and jabs are just a flame, I love to use them, they always work.


  7. g8rluvr says:

    Again….where is your independent verification of your supposed “facts”?

    BTW, you can see from the JCCI’s most recent Quality of Life report, Jacksonville’s recycling nmbers are down, both in terms of tons per person collected and tons per person recycled. This means recyclable materials are going to the Trail Ridge Landfill that shouldn’t be – taking up valuable space.

    “Tons per person recycled:
    What does this measure? Annual per-person tons of solid
    waste processed for recycling in Duval County. This includes
    newspaper, glass, and plastic recycling, as well as lawn and yard
    waste, appliances, and some construction and demolition debris.
    How are we doing? Recycling declined from .60 tons per person
    in 2005. Total collection of refuse and the portion recycled
    per person were:

    2005 tons per person: 2.46
    2006 tons per person: 1.80
    Difference: – 0.66

    2005 ton per person: 0.60
    2006 tons per person: 0.41
    Difference: – 0.19”

    JCCI gave Jacksonville’s recycling program a red flag in its 2008 report. The recycling info is on page 35 of the report and can be found at the following link: http://www.jcci.org/Portals/0/2008%20QOL-color%20version.pdf

    The point being Elvis/Charlie/Ron/Tom/Bubba – every little bit helps our landfill last longer. Perhaps Jacksonville’s citizens would be better served if the City’s Solid Waste folks and the Mayor investigated new garbage technologies, renewed the City’s focus on its recycling program, etc., instead of blindly pursuing a 35 year no-bid contract with Waste Management.

  8. Jesus says:

    Again you present a picture that is clouded by your agenda.

    Recycles are down because the price of recycles has nose dived in recent months, why would you think some study group would turn that around?

    You are showing your true colors now, you don’t have any knowledge of the recycle or disposal business but you rant and rave about it.

    I think your true agenda is to subvert any and all that the current administration does, you are starting to remind me of some of those whack jobs at “jaxoutloud”, don’t worry, things will get better and recycling will pick back up.

    Geezzzzzzzzzzz I hope you don’t have pink hair.

  9. gatorblue says:

    If you continue to post multiple comments under different names, I guess the time may come where we feel the need to go ahead and identify you by name, Mr. Solid Waste City of Jax employee.

    Let me share our agenda with you. I understand that it may be somewhat difficult to understand, but let’s see if you can wrap your arms around it. We do not support waivers of city code to award sole source contracts in cases where there are multiple interested parties who wish to bid on contracts. We do not support “rewarding” supporters with no-bid contracts.

  10. gatorblue says:

    One more comment from me…our City employee visitor would be delighted to know that we are having our biggest Saturday ever in terms of viewership today. And, guess what people are reading? You guessed it! It seems that city residents ARE paying attention. 🙂 (Read Ronnie Fussell’s inbox…that should tell you.)

  11. Mr. Solid Waste City of Jax employee says:

    Oh! gatorblue please don’t threaten me with your prowess.

    “We do not support waivers of city code to award sole source contracts in cases where there are multiple interested parties who wish to bid on contracts”

    Why don’t you attack Republic ind. and Thornton for letting their hauler contract go without the bidding process??

    Oh, I know, they are against Peyton, as you and the rest of the wackos at jaxoutloud.

    You people have phony facts and misinformed quotes as you constitution, it is no wonder you are viewed as the three stooges of insider news.

    Like I said, I have no vested interest in the contract but I did want the real truth to come out.

    gatorblue, you are an embarrassment to yourself and the rest of the subversive rabble you deal with, why don’t you all go take a bath and wash the layers of dirt off yourselves that you try and present to the unsuspecting public.

    BTW, you don’t really know who I am.

  12. gatorblue says:

    I do know who you are. That’s the funny part. But, we’ll keep that between us for now. 🙂

    And, you’ll notice we haven’t defended anyone over a sole source contract. We are specifically raising objection to one that the Mayor is trying to ram through currently. If Republic were the one trying to ram a sole source contract through, I’d be saying the same thing. I have absolutely no connection to any lobbyist or waste management company. I simply want the best deal for the City of Jacksonville.

  13. g8rluvr says:

    “Again you present a picture that is clouded by your agenda. Recycles are down because the price of recycles has nose dived in recent months, why would you think some study group would turn that around?”


    While you are correct, whatever name you wish to be called, that the bottom has dropped out of the recycling market in the past few months that was not the case in 2005 and 2006 – the years the 2008 JCCI Quality of Life report looked at and saw decreases in the collection and recycling rates.

    Recycle Florida Today has an interesting presentation you can see at http://proceedings.recyclefloridatoday.org/2006_06_05_AnnualConference/pdf/Buwalda.pdf that goes through recycle market prices for the period 2001-2006.

    According to the presentation, prices for recycled products were increasing during that time. On the second slide of the presentation you can see a marked increase in the prices between July of 2005 and January 2006. In fact, the presenter notes in his slide that plastic had a high per ton value and was at an all time high for the 5 year period.

    BTW, the slide presentation was done by Tim Buwalda from R.W. Beck, Inc. but he was at the 2006 Recycle Florida Today conference representing the American Plastics Council.

    So, the bottom line is, your “facts” that collection and recycling were down during that time frame due to the market dropping is indeed NOT the case.

    I would suggest that you are the one whose facts are clouded by your agenda.

  14. homer says:

    “I do know who you are”


    You are wrong on that too!

    Oh thank you gatorblue, I don’t know what I would do because of making factual statements…


    The landfill C&D tonnage has dropped significantly lately due to the downturn in the economy and of course the tonnage has decreased.

    This is not rocket science, supply and demand, not black helicopters and conspiracy,

    If the recycling was down during that time why don’t you ask Smurfitt or BFI? Why are you trying to make this a Peyton issue?

    Again gator:”I do know who you are. That’s the funny part. But, we’ll keep that between us for now”


    You need to go have a drink or maybe some counseling sessions, I haven’t done anything but tell the truth and all you have done is make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Produce a name and I will show you some funny stuff, I don’t need a specific to libel the TU for letting you subverts spread your misinformed trash.

    Have a good one!


  15. robin hood says:

    BTW, you can thank me for the viewership on this thread

    Tell Joan I said hello


  16. g8rluvr says:


    I am sorry, but I have no clue who you are talking about….and who or what is jaxoutloud??

  17. Mike says:

    Jaxoutloud is a forum site, we have been referring readers over here.

  18. g8rluvr says:

    Thanks for the info and for the referrals, Mike.

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  20. Geneo says:

    Fellow Jacksonville Citizens
    you all voted for the City Council now seated. When their terms expire despite their voting records will be retuned to Office.
    The Citizens of this City have no idea of the power they have to control City Council. You need to form committees in each Council district. Go to each household ask if they are happy with their City Council member and what he is doing on neighborhood zoning such as the San Marco area.
    Good all Buddy deals are still in effect in this City and you Jacksonville Residents have no one to blame but your own indifference

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