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How To Save $1 Million Annually

It looks like my suggestion yesterday wasn’t that unusual after all.  Scott Maxwell, one of the state’s pre-eminent political columnists is suggesting a way to save $1 million a year in the state budget—eliminate the position of lt. governor.

Gov. Charlie Crist‘s office came clean with the tab, saying it budgeted about $725,000 for the office and staff this year alone. For that, we get seven staffers — including a chief of staff (salary $120,000), a senior analyst ($62,000), a program analyst ($55,000) a special assistant ($50,000), an executive assistant ($45,000), a scheduler ($32,500) and the L.G. himself ($127,398) — and office expenses of about $220,000.

That doesn’t include benefits — or about $150,000 a year on security and bodyguards. Yes, there’s fear that someone may want to hurt the lieutenant governor . . . if they can first figure out who he is.

Put it all together, and we’re talking $1 million or so a year.

Seems like a big chunk of money to spend on a largely ceremonial post — even more so when the state claims it is looking to make cuts.

Remind me why we have the position again, please?


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