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GOP activist: Censure Crist

It seems Charlie Crist has ruffled quite a few GOP feathers with political pundits saying that his support of the federal stimulus bill may have ruined his chances if he wishes to run for Mel Martinez’s U.S. Senate seat. 

From the Palm Beach Post’s political blog Q:

A GOP activist tried unsuccessfully Wednesday night to get the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee to “censure” Republican Gov. Charlie Crist for, among other things, appearing with President Obama in Fort Myers this week and supporting an $800 billion economic stimulus plan pushed by Democrats.

The suggestion by REC member Steven Ledewitz of Boynton Beach drew a fair amount of applause from the audience of about 120 GOP committee members. But county GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein said Ledewitz would have to wait until the party’s next meeting and present his proposal in writing before it could be considered.

Dinerstein didn’t directly criticize Crist, but said “I understand the frustration” and called the stimulus bill “awful.”


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  1. Facts says:

    Why is any one surprised at this? Governor Crist was a RINO from the very beginning. The problem was that his only competition was so far out there he scared people off.

    Crist is in the mold of McCain and Schwarzenegger, trying hard to be the best pal of Democrats. From global warming that is freezing our crops to this stimulus bill that won’t help the economy, Crist likes to play the “moderate”, which translates to kissing up to the left while using an (R) behind his name to get elected.

  2. why says:

    Ahhh… censure. Finally, some action from government…whooppty friggin do

  3. Sibelius says:

    I disagree. While I was PO’d that Crist kissed up to the Obamunist and was generally too friendly. If it is a foregone conclusion that the feds are going to throw money around, Florida better get its fair share. If not, we’ll end up paying for the same things twice.

    Admittedly my argument is not founded on any details, just the general principle that if Crist doesn’t “play nice” and get whatever he can out of this federal false-crises-induced spending spree, then the money we could have gotten for something necessary will have to come from our right side pocket instead of the left.

    I hated that Crist played nice – but at this point, why be childish and spiteful like a DEMOCRAT would be?

  4. Mike says:

    Then again, where do you think the Democrats learned to be childish and spiteful?

    Let’s just say they’ve had good teachers since 1994.

  5. Jim Carr says:

    Crist will never get my vote for the Senate seat. Lifelong Republican here and I tire of the overpopulation of RINO’s in Duval County in particular and Florida in general. Crist and the Florida legislature have managed to screw the homeowner in Florida on every front, the most egregious harm they have perpetrated is the debacle over homeowner’s insurance.

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