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Does Florida Need A Lt. Governor?

Florida’s little-known lieutenant governor has reimbursed the state $6,600.59 for trips his wife and son took on state aircraft last year.  

Of course, what the lieutenant governor has not done is explain why he took 365 trips on state aircraft over a 2 year period.  (Let me break that down into simple math that even a member of the Florida Legislature could understand…that’s one plane trip every other day.)  

Now, any Gator fan could understand the lack of interest in Tallahassee.  It’s typically a town that we swoop into for a quick win and head home.  But when one is elected Lt. Governor, it is often assumed that one might stick around—at least during the work week.  Don’t make that assumption of our current lieutenant governor, however.  Mr. Kottkamp can hardly pause in Tallahassee for a day or two at the most per week, despite the $385,000 home he purchased in the city.  Instead, he can be found in his Ft. Meyers mansion, making the occasional trek to Edison State College where he keeps his office.  

If the commuting trips cost so much, one can only guess how much it costs Florida taxpayers to subsidize the office of a lieutenant governor who refuses to live in the state’s capital?

Actually, come to think of it, what purpose exactly does a lieutenant governor serve in the state of Florida?  In a time of budgetary hardships, perhaps we should consider eliminating the office (and all of its corresponding budget demands) altogether?  I’m sure the President of the Senate could assume the role of Governor in the event it was vacated.

For what it’s worth, the lieutenant governor’s bank appears solvent.  Although the bank reported a net loss of $1,329M, it does appear to have minimal exposure in the construction industry and its balance sheet looks relatively strong.


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