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Republican Party Chair Getting Sued

You might remember our earlier conversations about the unbridled spending of Jim Greer, the state Republican Party Chairman. Despite such things as spa treatments, a $3,600 dinner for he and his wife and limo rides at party expense, Messr. Greer was re-elected in January. His detractors, however, aren’t taking his re-election (and spending habits) lying down. Ft. Lauderdale Attorney Michael Becker has announced his intentions to the Republican Party in a statement:

“This law firm is preparing litigation in which donors to the Republican Party of Florida will bring suit to demand a full accounting of RPOF’s expenditures in 2008 based on evidence that Chairman Jim Greer has abused his authority and utilized party funds for personal use which is both inappropriate and illegal under Florida law.”


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  1. Frank Pierce says:

    Greer, Kottcamp and Samsun that’s a trifecta. Maybe the Greer situation is why John Rood was tapped to run finances at the state GOP. Republicans are far more appealing when they are out of office. When they are in office, they become exactly the kind politician they viscerally campaign against. The Florida GOP may have a chance to become more appealing in the coming election cycles.

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