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City and Jaxport sued for Sunshine Law violations

Many people may not be aware that the City and Jaxport have been sued for alleged Sunshine Law violations that occurred when the City turned the operation of the ferry over to Jaxport. At the heart of the matter is whether the City and Jaxport actively tried to hide, and therefore didn’t public notice, the fact that some of the parcels of land turned over to Jaxport in the ferry deal were not necessary for ferry operations, but instead were needed by Jaxport in order to be able to construct a Cruise Terminal in Mayport Village.

A copy of the complaint in the lawsuit filed by Warren Anderson, a well-known local environmental activist lawyer,  on behalf of Mayport Village Civic Association and two Mayport families, recently appeared in Council President Ronnie Fussell’s E-mail Inbox in an E-mail from Cindy Laquidara and it is quite an eye opener. 

Here it is.  It’s 47 pages so give it a few moments to download.


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  1. spidey says:

    I found paragraph 39 of the complaint detailing an E-mail from Eric Green, JPA’s Government Affairs person to JPA’s executive staff to be most enlightening – clearly demonstrating the arrogance of Jaxport officials and their disregard for Jacksonville’s citizenry.

    “39. From Eric Green, JPA’s Senior Director, Government & External Affairs to executive staff: “I have a meeting scheduled with Val Bostwick and Dot Mathias, [two community activists who were supporters of the ferry] on Monday 27, at 10:00 at PCOB. I need someone to attend this meeting with me. Any volunteers?”

    Response from Tony Orsini, JPA’s Senior Director of Cruise Operations and Business Development: “Depends on what you are going to tell them.”

    Green: “About the Ferry.”

    Orsini: “How are you going to answer the questions: Are you guys planning a cruise terminal at Mayport?”

    Green: “I am not worried about these two. This meeting is a courtesy. However I will tell the elected officials the truth (if asked). You guys have 1-2 weeks to tie up this property before this becomes very public. I got a taker on the meeting.””

  2. Frank Pierce says:

    We all know that Sunshine and Public Meeting Laws are not enforced here. When the claimants are going against what his majesty the Mayor wants, there is no chance they will be enforced. Rules and Laws are for people who like to follow Rules and Laws. Peyton, the Council and the General Counsel know that following the Law is for others.

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