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More priceless City employees

It appears that some of our priceless City employees in Municipal Code Compliance wrongfully demolished one Mike Yarbrough’s home.  Mr. Yarbrough sued the City and won his case.  The Court awarded him $82,000.  The City, unhappy with the Court’s decision, appealed and recently settled the case with Mr. Yarbrough for $56,000.   The settlement will be introduced for  City Council approval on Tuesday night. 

That’s a pricey mistake.

BTW, this is another one of those pieces of legislation where the City filed the supporting docmentation for the bill in the Legislative Services Division where you actually have to call and ask (or go in to City Hall) to see a copy of it, rather than posting it on the web.  It must contain some not so good information for the City employees involved.  Why else would the City try to make it so difficult to see it?


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