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Ethics Officer = Endangered Species

Susan Cooper Eastman has a top-notch article out in this week’s Folio Weekly about the life and trials of Carla Miller.  You may recall that Ms. Miller, a former federal prosecutor, was hired by Mayor Peyton as the City’s Ethics Officer in the aftermath of several scandals that severely damaged his reputation.  At the time, the action was widely dismissed as nothing more than window dressing, particularly since Ms. Miller (and the Ethics Commission) would be forced to report to the very individuals she was tasked with investigating—the Mayor and City Council.  Ms. Miller; however, doesn’t perform the role of wallflower all that spectacularly.  She’s had a busy year in her new role and she’s made plenty of enemies—something she doesn’t exactly shy away from.  While fantasizing about a truly independent commission and an ethics officer with true enforcement capabilities, Ms. Miller has set about to go to war with the army she has.  Along the way she’s been threatened, ostracized and belittled.  But, she—and the hope for true ethical reform in Jacksonville’s government—trudges on.  

Read the story in its entirety here.


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