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Trail Ridge Landfill could last longer than projected

Interesting article in today’s Orlando Sentinel.  Across Central Florida, counties are reporting a sharp drop in the amount of household garbage, commercial waste and construction materials getting dumped into their waste facilities compared with a year ago.  Orange County experienced a 17% drop from the same time period the previous year.  Osceola County experienced a 20% drop from a year ago.  And Lake County experienced an 8% drop in the first 3 months of the fiscal year.  With the continued economic troubles, the amount of trash brought to landfills is expected to continue to decrease.

The bad news – counties are receiving less revenues from tipping fees. 

The good news – landfills are getting filled at a slower pace.   And that’s good news for Jacksonville’s citizens. 

One of the “reasons” the City has cited for going with a no-bid contract with Waste Management is that the Trail Ridge landfill is quickly filling up and will be out of space soon.  They projected that would occur in 5-7 years.  City officials have cried out in alarmist fashion that if that happens before they can have the contract to operate the additional space and the additional space permitted to operate,  the City will have to ship garbage out of the county – and that would prove to be very costly. 

Seems like that the City will have more time now until the landfill is filled – so that won’t be a problem anymore.   WIth the economy not expected to recover in Florida until 2011, the City will now have additional time to bid the contract out.


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  1. tom says:

    I see by all the responce that you are getting plenty of attention with your babbling.


  2. g8rluvr says:

    Thank you for your insight, Tom. As you can see, our blog isn’t really set up to be a forum – although we do appreciate people’s comments on our posts.

    Just as an FYI, we have a counter for visitors for each of our posts and the Waste Management posts are some of top read posts on the site.

    Hey, but you don’t have to believe me.

    Check out the poll that was recently conducted – up to 98% of Jacksonville’s citizenry interviewed said the landfill contract should be bid out. Or check out the E-mails sent to Ronnie Fussell on City Council, the majority of which have been in favor of bidding the contract out. You can access them from City Council’s website on http://www.coj.net.

    BTW, I can see that you have the same exact IP address as a previous poster named Bubba. Gee, if you’re not the City employee who works in the Solid Waste Division that we thought, why did you change your posting name?

    Any way, I just want to let you know Tom/Bubba, that we really appreciate the fact that you continue to read our site.


  3. gatorblue says:

    Actually, I believe Trail Ridge is our newest hot topic, beginning to creep up on the boondoggle at the Public Defender’s Office. Of the over 15,000 visitors to this site over the past 4 weeks, well over a thousand of those have clicked on posts relating to Waste Management. And, mind you, those figures don’t include those who read the post on the main page without individually clicking on it. Now, it certainly could just be Paul Harden and John Peyton reading the latest press on them, but somehow I don’t think so. Just read Ron Littlepage’s ongoing articles and wait for the Times-Union’s new story next week…this is an issue that is resonating in the community and its just not going to go away.

    As a City employee, I guess I’m shocked that you wouldn’t want to see the City get the best deal?

  4. Jose says:

    Well I hope that the PD boondoggle stays center stage. But you guys are the only ones covering either story.

  5. Ron says:

    Isn’t the only reason Peyton is doing this is for the short term budget benefits?

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