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JAX Chamber Pimps Itself Out

The Board of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce has inserted itself into City government by voting to back the Mayor in his bad to ram a $750 million no-bid contract down the throats of struggling taxpayers. The Chamber, led by long-time Peyton fundraiser Mike Hightower, has shown an absolute lack of understanding of the entire Trail Ridge issue with the following statement:

“We’ve taken such a hard hit in the past few years,” said Maxine McBride, marketing and communications chair for the chamber. “We have to take a look at the impact that not extending the contract would have on the building and development industry in Northeast Florida. We do not want to be forced to dispose of trash out of the county and pay disposal fees.”

Ms. McBride is perhaps unaware, or has chosen to be unaware, of the fact that there are other companies who do perform the same services as Waste Management and would like to bid on this project. These bids could quite possibly save the taxpayers money—something we will never know unless the project is bid out. (And, yes, Ms. McBride was a contributor to John Peyton’s Mayoral campaign.)

Shame on the Chamber, but if anyone is surprised, drinks are on me. When your Daddy owns the City’s most exclusive private clubs that most of the members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors belong to, you pretty much own them.

Who’s your Daddy, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce?


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  1. spidey says:

    While Peyton kicks a potential bidder (Republic Services) out of City Hall, Paul Harden and his “suits” roam at will up and down City Council halls. And the Chamber of Commerce, now led by the biggest political animal of all, Mike Hightower, votes to back up the Mayor without even hearing from the other side.

    No politics? No personalities? Yeah, right, Mr. Mayor.

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