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City bounces stormwater fee refund checks

After months and months of waiting for the City to finally issue stormwater fee refund checks, some Jacksonville homeowners got an unpleasant surprise when they deposited the checks – they bounced.

As it turns out, our fine City employees released 500 duplicate refund checks – and so they stopped payment on them.  (I wonder what it cost the City to stop payment on 500 checks?) 

Unfortunately, some folks may not have been paying attention  to the fact that  they had received duplicate checks, and so deposted them into their accounts – only to get the unpleasant surprise of bank charges for the bounced checks.  As it turns out, one property owner threatened to turn the City’s bad check over to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

The City is in the process of covering all the bank fees for the persons who incurred them when the City’s checks bounced.   (I wonder how much that will cost?)

Only in Jacksonville……


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  1. Ticked off says:

    Our “refund” amounted to around $9. Why spend all the money to print and mail checks, when they could have just credited the amount to our regular bill? It would have saved a bundle of money and lowered costs for people. Who is making these decisions? They should be FIRED.

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