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John Peyton SPAMS Jacksonville

A strange phenomenon occurred in Jacksonville last week. It certainly wasn’t the first time this type of incident had happened, but this time it was on a scale not seen before. Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton culled the Inboxes and Sent Messages of City Hall employees in a desperate bid to collect enough e-mail addresses to guarantee four or five new converts to his efforts to ram a no-bid contract through the City Council. Despite his efforts to SPAM voters into submission, the effort appears to have been an absolute failure. Of the five City Council members who allow public access to their Inboxes, only one Council member received the forwarded Peyton e-mail from a voter who backed the Mayor. Even then, the endorsement was less than ringing.

The harsher reality is that Peyton’s flirtation with the legal boundaries of spamming appears to have backfired. By contacting everyone who had ever e-mailed any City employee for any reason, the Mayor only ensured that even more people were aware of a deal that voters are overwhelmingly opposed to. Furthermore, the Mayor angered multitudes by flooding their Inboxes with unwanted SPAM, something that will not serve him well as he seeks to build support for an unpopular measure. (For these brilliant Public Relations moves; however, we sincerely thank him.)

But, lest anyone think John Peyton actually typed his own e-mail……we should be reminded that as the Mayor of Jacksonville, Messr. Peyton is simply too busy to read and reply to his own e-mail. Never mind the fact that Jeb Bush, former Governor of the fourth largest state in the country, was a prolific e-mailer who responded personally to constituent e-mails, Peyton is simply too important. No, John Peyton has an assistant who handles his e-mail account. If only the Governor of Florida had that type of luxury…


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  1. Sparkley says:

    I opted out and still got more of his garbage. So, I have directed straight to delete. I want to know how he got my email address in the first place!

    Was through jacksonville.com?

  2. gatorblue says:

    No, Jacksonville.com would not turn over e-mail addresses to the Mayor. However, if you ever e-mailed anyone in City Hall (possibly your Council member) or put in a service request via the online system, Peyton has your e-mail.

  3. Sparkley says:

    Well, I did once but not with my current email address but it didn’t stop the emails nor did asking to be removed so now they go straight to the trash.

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